War Tech Fighters

Heavy metal mechfest War Tech Fighters releases next week

The combat-filled action game leaves Early Access and gets full launch.

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Mech games have been on fire in recent years and Drakkar Dev's new game just adds more fuel to the flames. There's been a clear surge of the "huge mechanised war machines"-genre in the last decade, with more and more products (both movies and games) being produced in the West and not just exclusively in Japan anymore.

War Tech Fighters focuses on plain combat, or as publisher Green Man Gaming puts it, "combat in the cosmos", as shoot 'em up asks players to "save the galaxy" by using either firearms and missiles or massive swords and shields. Devs call the game "our love letter to both Japanese Anime and Hollywood Blockbusters".

The mechs are fully customisable with parts, weapons, and cosmetic choices, while upgrades, perks and levelling up add to progression and depth. War Tech Fighters offers both single-player missions (33 in total), a horde-like survival mode, and of course the multiplayer main course.

WTF (yes, that's the acronym) will leave Steam's Early Access and thus release fully on July 25 for $14.99 / £9.99 / €14.99. Here's its launch trailer:

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