Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Here are highlights of Full Kareta vs John Olsens Diciple in our CS:GO league

The Swedish side faced the Danish team in Division 1, playing on Inferno and Train to see who could claim victory.

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Gamereactor's CS:GO tournament is currently in the middle of Season 2 right now, and in Round 4 of Division 1 last week Swedish team Full Kareta met Danish side John Olsens Diciple, which eventually ended in a draw as Full Kareta won the first map 16-10 on Inferno, while the Danish outfit won 16-14 on Train.

These two teams are fighting for playoff places in Division 1, where the four teams with the highest points will meet in two semi-finals and one final. So far John Olsens Diciple has 10 points, DataspelHAHA has 9, emop has 7, and PATA Esports has 6.

Who will be in Division 1 next season though? Well, a Wildcard will decide that in their own playoffs, with Hermannit, COWS-DK, 7-D, and Secret_NO currently eligible for Wildcard playoff spots.

To catch up on the match between Full Kareta and John Olsens Diciple though, check out the two maps below. Who impressed in this match?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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