Here are the top eight teams in the Overwatch World Cup

The quarter finals are set to begin this weekend.

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The Overwatch World Cup group stages have wrapped up, and of the 16 teams that began the tournament, only eight remain. The teams and fans will all converge on BlizzCon this weekend to find out which country will be the one to take home the first ever Overwatch World Cup trophy.

The remaining teams are Russia, France, Spain, Finland, South Korea, the USA, China, and Sweden. The first quarter final games will begin this Friday, with Russia vs France kicking it all off. Next up we'll be seeing Spain vs Finland, South Korea vs USA, and then China vs Sweden.

The games to watch for the quarterfinals will likely be South Korea vs USA and China vs Sweden, as each team has some incredibly strong players and fan presence. That's not to say the other games won't be equally as entertaining, though; Russia's ShaDowBurn is easily one of the world's best Genji players, and seeing him play is nothing short of mesmerising.

The games will kick off this Friday, ending with the finals on Saturday. It'll all be streamed on Twitch if you're interested in watching, which you should be, as this will surely be some of the most high level Overwatch we've seen played. To check out the full brackets and schedule, head this way. Which teams do you think will make it to the final?

Photo: Blizzard

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