Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Here are your four Stadia Pro games for July

Google reveals the next round of games included in the Pro subscription.

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Google was first out the gate with the announcement of which games will come for free as part of the subscription plan, Stadia Pro, in the month of July (it's a similar service to PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold that offers a number of titles for you to claim each month, and after that, they'll be yours for as long as you have a subscription).

Even if Stadia has been lacking in some areas, we really can't complain about the Stadia Pro games, which have often been more tempting than what Microsoft and Sony have had to offer. With that being said, July probably isn't their most AAA selection yet, although the quality is definitely there. In addition to the games already available on the service, here are the next titles that you can claim, starting July 1:

• Crayta
• Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom
• SteamWorld Dig
• West of Loathing

We'll get back with similar updates on PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold once their free titles have been revealed. What do you think of Stadia Pro's offerings this month?

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

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