The Last Guardian

Here's eight more screens from The Last Guardian

Project Trico finally launches on PlayStation in less than a month.

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Seeing as both Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian are finally arriving within the next few weeks, for many fans of Japenese games - who've been waiting for both games for almost a decade - these days might feel as fictional and fantastic as the games themselves.

In particular, Fumito Ueda's and Team Ico's work is launching on December 7 after many delays, and it'll do it exclusively on PS4 with the visual finish shown by the new screens below. However, we have to point out IQ and smoothness feels much enhanced when looking at direct feed gameplay footage. The eight screens have been captured with a pretty much final version of the game, and depict a new section in which both Trico and the child will struggle to keep climbing towers and cliffs. Click to show full size on the screens. How do you think it looks?

The Last GuardianThe Last Guardian
The Last Guardian
The Last GuardianThe Last GuardianThe Last GuardianThe Last Guardian
The Last Guardian

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