Fast RMX

Here's how Fast RMX looks on the Switch

We race on four tracks in Shin'en Multimedia's Switch-exclusive.

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German indie studio Shin'en Multimedia is well known for two things: creating decent exclusives for Nintendo platforms, and squeezing the most out of their hardware. And with that in mind they just debuted on the Nintendo Switch on launch weekend, releasing their first effort, the futuristic racer Fast RMX. And in the following four races we've captured, you can see it action.

Subsonic League - Silicon Cup - Guang Zhou Racing Machine - Cameron Crest


Subsonic League - Thorium Cup - Guang Zhou Racing Machine - Mueller Pacific


Subsonic League - Thorium Cup - Guang Zhou Racing Machine - Kenshu Jungle


Subsonic League - Gallium Cup - Cebra Genetics Racing Machine - The Haze


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