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Here's our Destiny 2 PC vs PS4 1080p comparison

Can you spot the differences?

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Juan A. Fonseca from Gamereactor Spain had been playing a lot of Destiny 2 on PS4, that is, until the release of the game on PC. In the following video, he took his Guardian to different areas and activities, comparing the very same situations on both platforms for you to spot the graphical differences.

The gameplay from the PlayStation 4 version was captured at 1080p30 with a vanilla PS4, whereas the PC version was captured at 1080p60 (while the game was actually running at 144 fps and capturing at 60 fps). Play on to compare the results during the game's intro, at the Tower, in Nessus and riding a Sparrow through the European Dead Zone:

While both versions look pretty similar at first sight, trained eyes and more meticulous scanning reveal significant differences, especially in terms of IQ and smoothness.

Unfortunately, every console version (including PS4 Pro and Xbox One X) is capped at 30 fps, which is the main disadvantage compared to a gaming PC. In terms of image quality and LOD, better textures, models and shadows, and improved lighting can be seen in several parts of the video (check out the first corridor, or the inner Arab-inspired patio), but it's the draw distance which makes the biggest difference in this regard, as proven by the panoramic view atop the Tower. Besides, on PC there's additional blur, customisable FoV and even a noticeable difference in the colour palette.

Finally, an important benefit that is not quite as visual is naturally the use of keyboard and mouse controls for faster and more accurate response when aiming, which, in addition to the superior framerate, means much more fluid and fast gameplay.

Juan played Destiny 2 on an HP OMEN 880-023ns, with the specs shown on the video and every in-game setting turned up to max, as shown in the picture below.

Destiny 2Destiny 2

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