Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon

Here's the gifting schedule for legendaries in Ultra Sun/Moon

See what Pokémon we can get and when.

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Last November Nintendo launched Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, but if you've only just bought the game you may have missed the pre-order incentive featuring a special Rockruff, which ended last week. Fear not though, as Nintendo has big plans for Pokémon fans in 2018 too, which we've learned a bit more about.

Starting on February 2 Nintendo will renew its legendary promotion, giving away one of two legendary Pokémon each month until the end of the year. Players of both Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon and Pokémon Sun/Moon can get their hands on special codes which unlock the version-exclusive pocket monster of the game you haven't played on (which is particularly nice if you're trying to hunt down a legendary trio, as you can get those in Sun when playing on Moon, for example). Here is the schedule:

  • February: Dialga or Palkia
  • March: Heatran or Regigigas
  • April: Raikou or Entei
  • May: Xerneas or Yveltal
  • June: Shiny Zygarde
  • July: Tornadus or Thundurus
  • August: Groudon or Kyogre
  • September: Latios or Latias
  • October: Reshiram or Zekrom
  • November: Ho-Oh or Lugia

Keep in mind that abilities, levels, and moves of the Pokémon change between game versions and you have to keep in contact with the restrictive distributers Nintendo is collaborating with to get your hands on the codes (which are most likely limited). The campaign is available in Spain (GAME), France (Micromania/Zing), Germany (Gamestop), Italy (Gamestop) and UK/Ireland, who is collaborating with GAME.

Which month are you looking forward to the most?

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Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon

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