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Here's the glitch where Mary Jane dresses as Spider-Man

While she looks the part MJ can't imitate Peter Parker's voice yet...

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Even though it's one of the very best games of the year, there's no open-world without a bunch of bugs, and Spider-Man would be no exception to that rule. Here's how we stumbled upon one of the funniest glitches of the game, the one turning Mary Jane into Infinity War Spider-Man.

It was our own Juan A. Fonseca, who had already completed the main story, who unwillingly broke the game. As shown by his gameplay video below, the error occurs right at game loading, during the very last section with playable Mary Jane. Instead of loading MJ's 3D model, the game chooses to load Iron-Spider-Man instead (one of the unlockable costumes). The NPCs act like she still was a journalist, and it's her voice uttered by the character.

Luckily enough, and for fans' relief, as soon as Mary Jane gets closer to the security room (about 2:30 time mark), she takes off the Spidey suit and returns to her normal appearance (the clip is in Spanish):

Of course, the glitch may become viral on Twitter, where fans are talking about 'Transpidey'.

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