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Highly and Illicit join Seoul Dynasty

The squad now has 12 members and a lot of depth, having been bolstered by these two players in the second season.

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Overwatch League team Seoul Dynasty has recruited two new players, these being Park 'Illicit' Jae-min and Lee 'Highly' Sung-hyuk, as revealed by parent company Gen.G. This also means they have rather impressive squad depth, with the roster containing 12 members.

Illicit previously played for Team BlossoM, excelling in the Overwatch Contenders Korea Season 2, while Highly played for O2 Blas, only making his debut as a pro Overwatch player in November last year.

"Although I joined Seoul Dynasty late, I will try my best more than anybody to increase the value for myself and for the team, and hopefully reach my goal to be selected as member of the national team in the future," Illicit said.

Lee Ho-chul, manager of Seoul Dynasty, stated: "We've finally acquired the two players who showed outstanding plays compared to other competitors on the same position. We expect our current players to receive positive energy from the new players' passion and ambition, while also the newcomers can learn from their new teammates. They will create synergy from each other."

Are these two good additions for the team?

Photo: Gen.G

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