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Hitman 3

Hitman 3's DLC might be a "reimagining" of previous locations

Looks like Agent 47 is taking a trip down memory lane.

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It looks like Hitman 3 will be taking a slightly different approach to how it delivers its DLC, as a recent interview with the title's executive producer Forest Swartout Large by The Gamer, suggests that we will be getting a "reimagining" of previous locations, rather to brand-new areas.

Large said: "We are definitely going to be doing some DLC, but we haven't defined what that is. I think for now we are not looking at new maps like the bank and the island. We're more looking at using existing locations and reimagining them, twisting them. And this time around, we can use the whole trilogy. We can look back at Hitman 2016 maps, Hitman 2 maps - we have all the locations."

This seems to suggest that Agent 47 will be taking a trip back down memory lane in upcoming DLC. Considering how expansive some of the previous Hitman and Hitman 2 locations are, a reimagining could be interesting. No dates or further information regarding when we will get to see any of these in action has been released by IO Interactive as of yet, but you can check out our review of Hitman 3 right here to see what we thought about the stealth title.

Hitman 3

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