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Hitman 3

Hitman 3's plans for February

Two Elusive Targets in Sapienza, featured contracts from our friends at Kinda Funny and MinnMax, an update and some extra goodies for the Deluxe Edition await.

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The fact that IO Interactive makes it sounds like we shouldn't expect to see new maps make their way to Hitman 3 doesn't mean that the Danish studio will be leaving the great success behind straight away. We can still look forward to updates, Elusive Targets and more, and the show starts today.

IO Interactive has given us a trailer and an image detailing what we can expect from Hitman 3 this month, and it's quite a bit. An update will arrive in nineteen days, our friends over at MinnMax and Kinda Funny will have featured contracts, two Elusive Targets await in Sapienza, two Escalation missions (the first starts today) are set to test our skills and owners of the Deluxe Edition can look forward to two additional Escalations with some other interesting goodies that sure look both cool and lethal.

We're not told what kind of improvements and changes the update will make on February 23, but expect to learn more about that in the next two weeks.

Hitman 3

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