Hitman's second Elusive Target is out now in Sapienza

There's also a new trailer showing PS4-exclusive content in Marrakesh.

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IO Interactive has released the next Elusive Target for Hitman, and the mission will be available for the next 48 hours, ending on Sunday. Elusive Targets are temporarily available assignments for you to tackle, and are part of the live content being published in-between Hitman episodes.

For the Elusive Target missions, you are only given a rough approximation of your target's location, intel on the target will be limited, and they are only in the game for 48 hours. If you die during the mission, you have no second chance to take them out, and they will disappear from your game.

Along with news of the Elusive Target, a new trailer for the PS4 exclusive contract in Episode 3 of Hitman has now been released. The contract is the next part of the Sarajevo Six, which follows Agent 47 as he hunts down members of the organisation, with one showing up in each location from the game. Even if you're not playing on PS4, it's still a good chance to check out Marrakesh. The target for part 3 is Walter Menard, a veteran of the Yugoslav War in the 90s, and you have been tasked with taking him out.

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