Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Hood: Outlaws & Legends details its year one post-launch plans

Season 0 Litha will be available at launch.

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Despite it looking to launch in a few weeks, May 10 to be exact, the Hood: Outlaws & Legends post-launch roadmap has been unveiled, detailing plans for a seasonal content plan, set to bring new "major gameplay additions" and characters as they are launched.

The roadmap covers the next three seasons coming to the game, as well as detailing what will be coming as part of "Season 0 Litha". This season, which is coming at launch and will be available on May 7 to all those who get early access thanks to pre-order, will bring a new map called Mountain, a new game mode and seasonal and community events to look forward to.

Each season after Litha will feature free content available to all players, as well as a premium battle pass set to offer up outfits, weapon skins, and banners to those who purchase the pass.

No date has been set for each of the seasons yet, meaning there is no way to know how long each will run for, but if we had to guess, they'll probably last around 2-4 months, as most other seasons in other games do. Take a look at the roadmap below.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends

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