Hori to release new Split Pad Pro controllers for the Switch

The success of the experimental chubby model introduced with Daemon X Machina seems to have led the manufacturer to produce new colours.

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As a collaboration between Hori and Marvelous based on last year's Daemon X Machina, the former released a pair of special, chunkier split controllers for the Nintendo Switch, so that manoeuvring the game's m̶e̶c̶h̶a̶s̶ ̶Arsenals felt nicer than with your regular, smaller Joy-Cons. You can take a closer look at those controllers at the 6:30 mark in our exclusive interview with director Kenichiro Tsukuda below, and learn how the so-called Spit Pad Pro came to be.

Now, a year after the game's release, it would seem as though the manufacturer got some positive feedback regarding the controller's popularity and its potential performance on the market, as Hori is about to release three new variants of the Split Pad Pro for Nintendo Switch, in Red, Blue, and Translucent Black. As grabbed by Nintendeal before their removal, the placeholder listings have popped up on Amazon already, and it looks like the new models are not licensed to any specific game.

It's worth noting though that these controllers have no battery included, as they're powered by the Nintendo Switch unit itself in handheld-mode only. Also, despite the additional buttons and taller sticks, don't expect any of the Joy-Cons' special features such as HD Rumble, the IR camera and NFC reader, or the motion sensors, as they remain exclusive to the official controllers as per usual.

Do you need bigger controllers for your extended handheld sessions on the Switch?

Hori to release new Split Pad Pro controllers for the Switch

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