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Housemarque: "Sony bought us, because we do stuff that others don't"

Other companies were also after the Finnish studio.

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As we wrote last week, Sony acquired the Finnish studio Housemarque as a part of the PlayStation Studios. Now, in an interview with Finland's public broadcasting company Yle, Ilari Kuittinen and Mikael Haveri from Housemarque have talked a bit more about the acquisition.

It turns out, that other big actors were also after Housemarque. As Kuittinen mentions, the "usual suspects" from China, Sweden, and the United States were also after the studio. According to Kuittinen, this kind of competition over the studio felt "surreal."

Thus, Housemarque joins in the Playstation Studios with such big studios as Guerrilla Games, Naughty Dog, and Insomniac Games. Haveri says, that Sony is not after dictating what their studios should do, it's actually quite the opposite.

"It became clear in our discussions, that Sony bought us because we do stuff that other studios don't. They didn't want us to start producing games that fulfill any formulaic Sony-standards," says Kuittinen.

Now that Returnal is out, Housemarque is taking a little breather and returning in action in the autumn to make plans for the future. However, as Kuittinen mentions, "whatever the future holds, the next project will be something bigger and more ambitious."

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Source: Yle

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