Housemarque's PS5 exclusive is sci-fi action game Returnal

This space-based Groundhog Day-like title takes the studio in a new direction ahead of the PlayStation 5 release.

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It's not a new Resogun, nor a battle royale experiment. Effectively, a new Sony console will again be accompanied by a Housemarque game, and it looks like the support by the hardware manufacturer has made it possible for the twin-stick shooter experts to create something different and more ambitious in the form of Returnal.

As you read first on Gamereactor, the title by the Finnish studio will be one of the very first third-party exclusive releases.

Even though the trailer shown during the PS5 reveal stream (including some gameplay footage) leaned its tone towards the likes of Observation and the atmosphere towards Hellblade or Prey, in-game it actually harkens back to the studio's roots, with psychedelic rays and enemies galore. It would seem as though the day repeats itself in an endless loop for the protagonist, even when she dies. A clue to a roguelike element?


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