Houston Outlaws parts way with their player FCTFCTN

The team wishes him luck moving forward.

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It seems as if the roster-shifting chaos of the Overwatch League's offseason is in full swing, and now Houston Outlaws has revealed that they've parted ways with Russell 'FCTFCTN' Campbell.

"Thank you so much for your time here Russell. You were a great teammate and friend, and we wish you the best of luck moving forward," the team writes.

FCTFCTN posted his own TwitLonger about the move as well, saying:

"Today I will no longer be a part of the Houston Outlaws, but I will always remember my time here. The fans, the players, the staff, everything was absolutely amazing. I couldn't believe how much support I got after my initial signing! I am forever grateful to the Houston Outlaws for allowing me to be a part of the league's inaugural season."

"Thank you so much to the fans! Meeting all of you at our signing tour, at RTX, and at Blizzard Arena was absolutely incredible. Thank you to Flame, Tairong, Mesr, KyKy, and HyunWoo for helping me improve and for giving me a chance to prove myself. Finally, thank you to my teammates for creating the family environment that I grew to love so much. I learned so much from you guys--about how to be a better teammate, a better player, and a better friend. Good luck to all of you in the future, you'll always be my boys!"

Where do you want to see FCTFCTN go next?

Photo: Overwatch League

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