Houston Outlaws parts ways with Hydration

After almost two years with the team, the former DPS/tank player will be leaving the lone star state.

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Just yesterday, we reported on the changes that the Hangzhou Spark recently made to its Overwatch League roster, seeing GodsB and Takoyaki departing from the team. Today, the Houston Outlaws are also making a slight change, by releasing João Pedro "Hydration" Goes Telles from the active line-up.

Hydration joined the Outlaws back in 2019 and has played with the team for almost two years, where he has performed in many different roles, as both a DPS and main tank player. With the Summer Showdown currently in full swing, we'll have to see whether Hydration will be heading to another team for the rest of the 2021 OWL season. Hydration has stated that he's "not done with OW just yet", but that he's unsure if he will be getting back into competitive play.

We'll have to see whether the Outlaws use the extra space on the line-up to add another player to the roster over the coming weeks.

Houston Outlaws

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