Houston Outlaws welcome Coolmatt as new General Manager

The team alumni will be further moving up the ranks, as he now takes the franchise by the horns.

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The Houston Outlaws joined the Overwatch League off-season madhouse by choosing a new General Manager, to replace Matt "flame" Rodriguez, who left the team back in March. His replacement will be a former Outlaws veteran, who previously served as the team's logistics manager, in Matt "Coolmatt" Iorio.

Coolmatt has been part of the Houston Outlaws organisation since the beginning, where he played on the starting roster in the flex tank role. Alongside other well-respected Overwatch League players, such as Jacob "JAKE" Lyon, Coolmatt achieved varied success on the Outlaws - an organisation known to have had managerial troubles in the past, especially during the period when the franchise was up for sale.

In the tweet announcing the hiring, Coolmatt was quoted saying; "It seems like the perfect moment to take our western franchise to the next level and solidify its legacy as a team destined to win."

Before then, Coolmatt will need to pick up some new talent, as many players on the Outlaws have either been dropped, or are eligible for free agency.


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