How FIFA 19's 'lives-based' Survival Mode came to be

EA Sports say they "didn't look" at battle royale.

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Sam Rivera, FIFA's chief producer, is someone we've spoken to extensively about FIFA in the past, and this year was no different, as during our talk with him at a recent preview event we got to learn about the new Kick Off 2.0 modes, one of which is Survival, where you lose a player every time you score. We had to ask where this came from, and Rivera answered as follows:

"We knew that people wanted a more casual experience. And we basically went to the room and started brainstorming and then we created some prototypes and then we decided after playing a lot that that was very fun. It's fun because, when you lose players everytime you score, then you have a lot of space, and you need to take advantage of that space, and you need to adapt your playstyle to watch for that space."

Players going out is a matter of an algorithm to keep it balanced, and in terms of minimum players, "FIFA allows 7, that's it. So when you have 7 players, if you score again, then you finish the game."

Does this sound fun though?


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