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How long are Duke's end credits?

Pitchford: "they're astonishing."

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With over a decade worth of development under it's belt, Duke Nukem Forever has had a lot of people attached to it at one point or the other. And Randy Pitchford intends to honour them all in what could be the most historic end credits for a video game.

As part of an extended Q&A at BAFTA last night, the Gearbox boss fielded the question as to the expected length of Duke's roll call. While he couldn't give a exact figure, he touched upon Gearbox's online request for people to come forward to be recognised, as well as letting 3D Realms design their own segment of the end credits.

"The credits are astonishing," he laughed. "But I think we made them skippable."

"It's really important because there's been so many people working on it over the years. There must have been people that contributed over the years that we couldn't possibly identify, so we invented this web portal so people could let us know; past publishers, contractors that might have been involved for a short while ten years ago. It generated a huge volume of people."

"Gearbox did its own list, as did the publisher. We asked George Broussard to craft the credits for 3D Realms, so they've got their own section. He did a great job."

Pitchford then paid homage to the developers that had worked on the title over the years. "When I see the names of the people that have been involved in this project, if they're not part of it today still, these guys are some of the best game makers in the world. There are people there that are now at Valve, there are people that have worked on Uncharted - there's people there that have worked on all our favourite games. And you can see all that, that legacy, that whole family tree that came out of Duke Nukem Forever."

Want to bet there's an Achievement for sitting through the entire thing?

Duke Nukem Forever
Randy (and friend) unveiling a limited edition Duke painting at BAFTA last night.

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