HTC Vive introduces Viveport Infinity

Offers a subscription service for PC VR games and Vive Reality System is their revamped core software for the headset.

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HTC Vive held a keynote at CES expo in Las Vegas yesterday, and the first of a bunch of announcements was the introduction of a new subscription service for virtual reality games on PC, no matter the headset of choice.

What will no doubt lazily be referred to as "the Netflix of VR games" will be called Viveport Infinity and will be available on April 5, 2019, for a yet-to-be-priced "low" (according to the company) monthly fee. The Viveport Infinity will give, well, "infinite" access to the catalogue, whereas the current Viveport subscription only allowed for a choice of 5 games a month. This means more than 500 titles will be available starting April 5, and there'll be a free trial period as well.

Here's Viveport Infinity introductory video:

HTC Vive introduces Viveport Infinity

In other software-related news, HTC Vive also announced a partnership with both Mozilla Firefox and Amazon Web Services, to bring "native VR browsing experience" for users and the capacity "to create VR-optimized websites" for devs, as announced by the company.

Finally, the Vive Reality System is the name of the new core software for the HTC Vive headset, and the confusingly-called Origin has also been announced as part of it, introducing a social hub for players in the VR world. Maybe they should expect a call from EA's lawyers?

HTC Vive introduces Viveport Infinity

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