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Hugo Byron: Pro esports players in top physical shape

He dismissed certain stereotypes about gamers.

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Gamereactor attended a talk at the BAFTA building in London this week where the everything esports was discussed, from the past to the current state of affairs and the future, and UK CS:GO caster Huge Byron was there, who had some views to share in defence of esports.

Byron is still a young talent in the casting scene, but he is quickly becoming known, and he had high praise for Twitch. He said it is accessible to everyone, and it's that which has really helped the industry grow, especially in terms of viewership, and even called it one of the biggest drivers of esports.

He also defended the physical condition of esports players, saying that there is a stereotype which is simply not true, and that top teams are in excellent shape. The esports industry itself, however, isn't quite there yet, but he predicts it will be mainstream in about five years.

Do you think esports will be mainstream sooner or later than five years?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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