F1 2020

HyperX partners with Red Bull Racing Esports team

It joins as the official peripheral partner of the F1 Esports team.

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The gaming peripheral manufacturer HyperX has partnered with the Red Bull Racing Esports team, joining the F1 Esports organisation as its official peripheral partner. The partnership is set to see Red Bull Racing Esports equipped with the latest HyperX mice, keyboards, and Cloud headsets, both to be used during training and competitions, and in return, HyperX will receive its branding on the Red Bull Racing Esports kits.

"We are incredibly proud of the growth and success of our Esports Team, which is in turn enabling us to partner with other market leaders in this space," said Red Bull Racing Honda's Chief Marketing Officer, Oliver Hughes in a press release. "Having the right peripherals is crucial and our new partnership with HyperX will enhance the audio experience and competitiveness of our sim racers."

The Red Bull Racing Esports team are the current back-to-back F1 Esports Pro Series champions, after taking home the Constructors' Championship for the second year running. They do not currently hold the spot of the driver's world champions, however, although its two racers from last season, Frede Rasmussen and Marcel Kiefer did manage to finish second and third in the overall standings.

F1 2020

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