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id Software tells us what's next in Doom Eternal

Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin joined us after their Gamelab talk to discuss all things DOOM!

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After delivering a talk at this year's online Gamelab conference, we were lucky enough catch up with id Software pair Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin and discuss everything related to Doom, from the return of the series back in 2016 to what's next for the seres.

When talking about the franchise and its legacy, and what it means to the studio, Stratton told us how he was proud of what has been achieved by the studio, and how they've added to the already rich legacy of Doom, a series that first hell-spawned back in 1993.

"We've taken what [was super] rich and had tons of personality, but we've given it a lot of depth in the process," Stratton explained. "And so when I look ahead to what we can do with Doom in the future, it's as wide and as varied as it's ever been, and I think that's really exciting for us as developers but also should be exciting for fans of the franchise."

Of course, Doom Eternal impressed earlier this year, and since it was released the developer has supported the game with post-launch content. On that front, Stratton had a couple of things to tell us about what players can expect to see in the next major content drop coming to the game.

"It's campaign DLC, you play as the Slayer. It's probably safe to say that it takes place after the events of Doom Eternal."

"We always try to build on what we've done in the past, so I think when people see the environments we're working on, the gameplay, just the places we're taking players and the advancement of the story, I think they're really going to be excited by it."

Watch the full interview for more on Doom Eternal, including the upcoming Switch version of Eternal, which Stratton says is "going to be every bit as good as Doom 2016 was" on the platform.

Doom Eternal

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