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Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood

In Werewolf: Earth Blood "you are the monster or the hero"

It all depends on how you manage your anger.

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In Werewolf: Earth Blood (you might have heard it called Werewolf: The Apocalypse before), the upcoming RPG from Cyanide Studio, players will take control of a eco-terrorist, and throughout the story you'll mix things up as you play as either a human, a wolf, or a werewolf, managing your anger as you look to save the planet from humanity's greed.

While Cyanide is handling development duties, White Wolf is working with the studio to deliver an experience that stays true to the pen and paper RPG, while also bringing the contemporary fantasy setting to a whole new audience. At the root of the experience - which they're calling a "systemic RPG" - is rage management, and how angry the player-character gets will determine how you play. So, for example, the angrier you get, you're more likely to go into a frenzy and may not be able to distinguish friend from foe.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood

Recently at Focus Home Interactive's What's Next event we caught up with lead writer Martin Ericsson and game director Julien Desourteaux, and they had plenty to tell us about the game, the setting, and what players can expect. In terms of the setting, Ericsson told us the following:

"First, it's a part of World of Darkness, which is White Wolf's classic pen and paper setting. It's a dark reflection of our world; the same politicians, the same news, but behind the scenes werewolves and vampires are manipulating our destiny or taking up the fight against destructive forces, as is the case with the werewolves.

"The werewolves are the immune system of the planet, they're Gaia's warriors, so they are the creatures that hunted us back in the day when we were tribal warriors and we didn't really unite into civilisation. Their role was to keep us like that, but they fell in love with us, forgave us, and said 'let the monkeys do their thing, let them have their civilisation, it's going to be fine'. 2,000 years later it's not fine, it was really fucked up.

"So now the thirteen tribes of the Garou Nation - the werewolves - are contemplating going into all-out war with humanity, to fight the enemy of the wyrm, which is the spiritual consequence of our greed and destruction of the planet. But in this struggle, they face their own inner-rage, because their anger is what drives them and it's also their risk.

"So it's a radical revenge fantasy in one way, putting a face on the evils of the world and the satisfying feeling of ripping that face off. But also the question: what is the price of changing the world with violence as a monstrous eco-terrorist fighting against big oil, in this case. The game takes place in the US, your enemy is Enron Oil, a multinational oil corporation, and you are the werewolf, you are the monster or the hero, depending on how you manage your anger."

Werewolf: Earth Blood is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and it'll be ready when it's ready. Check out the interview below for more details.


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