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Rainbow Six: Siege

Indestructible event drones jet through Rainbow Six: Siege

The limited-time game mode "M.U.T.E Protocol" is available until August 17.

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Over the past 50 months or so, Ubisoft has taken good care of Rainbow Six: Siege and this support will not ease off anytime soon, the developer has promised. That being the case, the second season of the tactical online shooter's fifth year starts with a futuristic event that should give players some added variety. In "M.U.T.E. Protocol", two teams of five players each play a variant of game mode Secure Area on a fun sci-fi version of the tower map.

The trick here is that the players can morph into remote-controlled drones at any given time to disappear in the emerging chaos. The small security cams are bulletproof and are therefore ideal for identifying ambushes and danger zones. Due to their special skills, not all operators are available in this temporary game mode, but 41 characters remain available for duty.

The whole campaign is rounded off by new cosmetic options and it will run until August 17.

Rainbow Six: Siege

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