Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones game confirmed by Bethesda

The title is still very early in its development it seems, but it is coming, and because of that, we are ecstatic.

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While we basically don't have any details, we're still really happy to report that Bethesda just announced a new game. And it turns out it isn't an original IP, but rather a... how should we put it... fairly famous series. Maybe you've heard about Indiana Jones?

It is being developed by the Swedish studio Machine Games, who has made the last couple of Wolfenstein titles. Todd Howard (producer and game director for Elder Scrolls and Fallout) is the executive producer and the development will take place in collaboration with LucasFilm Games.

On Twitter (where you can also find a short teaser), Bethesda writes that "It'll be some time before we have more to reveal", but at least we now know that is it coming. A reasonable guess is that it will be a game in the same vein as Tomb Raider and the Uncharted series.

As both Bethesda and Machine Games is about to be fully owned by Microsoft, we assume this title will be release first and foremost for PC and the Xbox consoles, while probably also being playable for Android and iOS via xCloud.

Indiana Jones

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