Indie Dependent: September - October 2021

This list might just be our most extensive list yet.

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As the year draws ever closer to a close, we here at Gamereactor have found ourselves spoiled for choice when it comes to indie releases. This month we have a super-sized helping of nine standout titles from arcade skaters, to fishing RPGs, and firefighter party games. Below are the indies that you should certainly keep an eye on in the month ahead:

The Amazing American Circus - September 16 - PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Kicking off this month's list is The Amazing American Circus, a unique deck-building title that is said to be like "no other." This much-anticipated release sees you take command of your very own circus and your goal is to wow your audience by using more than 200 hand-painted cards that contain different abilities. Not only is the concept really unique, but it sounds fleshed out too, as there are more than 15 types of circus performers you can recruit and there are 32 different types of audience members that you'll need to do your best to win over.

Indie Dependent: September - October 2021

SkateBIRD - September 16 - PC, Nintendo Switch

Also kickflipping its way onto PC and Nintendo Switch on September 16 is SkateBIRD, a classic arcade skater that sees you take to the board by playing as an adorable cast of feathered skaters. Here you'll perform grinds, ollies, and kickflips, and rack up points within miniaturised courses that are assembled from household items. If you're a fan of Tony Hawk released in the 90s and 00s then you may want to keep this one on your radar.

Indie Dependent: September - October 2021

I Am Fish - September 16 - PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Another indie set to make a splash this month is I Am Fish, a physics-based adventure game that gave us some serious Finding Nemo flashbacks. The title sees four fish buddies try and reunite with each other after they are all separated and end up on land. The action here looks hilarious with the goldfish having to remain in bowls of water and the pufferfish being able to inflate itself to roll and bounce around the environment. What is great too is that £0.125 GBP from each copy of the game will be donated towards the WDC, Whale, and Dolphin Conservation.

Indie Dependent: September - October 2021

Aragami 2 - September 17 - PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Looking to build upon its predecessor in every way imaginable, Aragami 2 sees you step into the role of a deadly assassin once more and stalk your prey from the shadows. The stealth title's campaign is fully playable with up to three other players in co-op and it features a wide range of weapons and powers for you to utilise against your foes.

Indie Dependent: September - October 2021

Tails of Iron - September 17- Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series

We've seen many adorable creatures step into the role of protagonist over the years, but we haven't seen too many involving rats. Tails of Iron is a punishing Souls-like RPG that features a striking hand-drawn style and focuses on an unfolding conflict between rats and frogs. Here you play as Redgi, a young rat who is thirsty to seek revenge after witnessing the murder of his people. As mentioned this is a Souls-like, but things are mixed up here, as it takes place completely from a 2D perspective and there is no stamina meter for you to have to closely monitor.

Indie Dependent: September - October 2021

Sable - September 23 - PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series

We remember being blown away by Sable when it was first unveiled at The PC Gaming Show back in 2018. This gorgeous animated title sees you explore a distant desert-covered planet on the back of a hoverbike as you set out to complete your rite of passage. The game's world is free to explore at your own leisure and you can even customise your very own hoverbike by using the parts that you have found across your journey. Those who are interested should be sure to check out the game's demo which is available now via Steam.

Indie Dependent: September - October 2021

Embr - September 23 - PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia

After more than a year in Early Access, Embr is finally dowsing the flames and making a full release on PC and consoles. This wacky four-player party game feels similar in tone to the likes of Moving Out and Overcooked, but instead sees you take on the role of a firefighter. Here you'll be able to come to the rescue by using 17 different equipment options and there are 25 different levels across three different districts each with its own traps and hazards. It looks to be a ton of fun with friends and what's great is that it supports online co-op and cross-platform play, so you'll never be short of backup.

Indie Dependent: September - October 2021

Jett: The Far Shore - October 5 - PC, PS4, PS5

Unfolding over the course of five story acts, Jett: The Far Shore is a space exploration title that sees you venture to an unexplored world covered in oceans. We were lucky enough to sample this one ahead of its October 5 launch and we were blown away by the beauty of its environments and the feel of the titular "jett" that we were able to command. The game is certainly one to keep an eye on, but it's sadly restricted for now to just PlayStation 4 and 5 for console gamers.

Indie Dependent: September - October 2021

Moonglow Bay - October 7 - PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series

We can't say that we have ever come across a fishing RPG before and that's what makes the charming voxel-based Moonglow Bay even more alluring. The game takes place along the Eastern Canadian coastline in the 1980s, and it sees you fight to fulfil the final wishes of your partner by recovering your struggling business from the impending threat of bankruptcy. Moonglow Bay features more than 100 aquatic species for you to hunt and document and it also enables you to bring a friend along for the ride through drop-in-and-out local co-op.

Indie Dependent: September - October 2021

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