Insomniac dev reveals undiscovered Spider-Man Easter egg

And the dev revealed the previously unnoticed detail on Easter weekend, which seems fitting if you ask us.

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This Friday, to kick off the Easter celebrations, a developer over at Insomniac took the opportunity to share a little something that had, up until that point, gone unnoticed by the wider gaming community. That's right, we got an Easter egg on Easter weekend. How fitting.

Specifically, developer Elan Ruskin revealed on Twitter that, true to life, Orthodox Jewish characters don't appear out and about in New York City if you're playing the game on Saturday (which, if you don't know, is the Sabbath, the day when Jewish people refrain from working and generally stay at home):

"These guys don't work on Saturdays," Ruskin wrote alongside the post that was first flagged by the good folks over at Kotaku.

Spider-Man was populated with more than its fair share of Easter eggs when it launched last year, including, among other things, a failed marriage proposal. Now we've got yet another little detail that goes to show just how much love was poured into the project by Insomniac.


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