Sunset Overdrive

Insomniac says they'd 'love to' do Sunset Overdrive 2

"We just need to find a publisher!"

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Three years ago Insomniac Games released Sunset Overdrive (you can check out our review from back then if you're interested), and it's been no secret that the studio is open to a sequel, something they've reaffirmed once again on Twitter.

When asked for a sequel to the game, the official Twitter account responded by saying: "we'd love to, we just need to find a publisher!" Promising signs no doubt, and we hope for fans' sakes that they can indeed find a publisher at some point.

What's especially interesting is that when we talked to Xbox's Aaron Greenberg earlier this year and asked about another Sunset Overdrive game, he gave us the very tempting "never say never" answer as well.

Do you want a sequel for the game yourself?

Sunset Overdrive

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