Insomniac's Spider-Man will be set in its own universe

And the devs are going for a more "experienced Peter Parker."

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This may not be coming as a shock to many of you but now we've got it confirmed. Insomniac's upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Spider-Man, is indeed set in its own universe, and won't be bound to any movie or other established lore.

The confirmation comes from Insomniac's own Twitter account answering one fan's question, where they also touch on what kind of Peter Parker they want to portray in their game: "It is it's own game and universe. Not tied to the movie. We're going with a more experienced Peter Parker."

In another tweet they reveal that they've been working on the game for "well over a year" at this point. Obviously we're hoping that this can do for good ol' Spidey what Batman: Arkham Asylum proved to be for Bats. Fingers crossed.


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