Wasteland 3

InXile details the story and characters of Wasteland 3

In a new dev diary, InXile Entertainment shares information regarding the characters, story and consequences of Wasteland 3.

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InXile Entertainment has been in the isometric RPG business for a long time and studio head and co-founder Brian Fargo specifically has an amount of expertise that few others who operate within the sub-genre have. The developer is getting ready to release its third instalment in the Wasteland series which is set to happen on August 28 of this year for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (it will also be available via Xbox Game Pass at launch) and as time draws closer to release, we learn more and more about what's to come.

In a new dev diary, Brian Fargo and senior writer Nathan Long give fans some juicy details regarding the characters, the setting and the story of Wasteland 3 and there's some wonderfully wacky stuff in the clip. We meet a faction which controls the oil trade in Colorado and also worships God-President Reagan (who seems to have lived his life on the back of a raptor). We learn more about 'The Patriarch', who looks to help the rangers initially - but at what cost? We also get to see Fargo's favourite character (who is also a brand-new character and the son of the said patriarch) called Victory 'Vic' Buchanan who is also called 'The Psychopath'. This gem is explained as an "unlikeable but funny" Joker-type character and he can actually be recruited - however, this will have consequences due to his tyrannical behaviour.

InXile doesn't just chat about what's to come, it also showed off a new feature which will have players view key dialogue in first-person and it most definitely brings drama to what's happening, especially since it plays out as fully animated cutscenes. Take a look at the full dev diary below.

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Wasteland 3

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