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Wasteland 3

InXile's Brian Fargo is fully focused on the creative process

Industry veteran and InXile Entertainment boss Brian Fargo now gets to spend most of his time on the creative process after Microsoft acquisition.

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Two years ago, Microsoft announced its acquisition of developer InXile Entertainment (Wasteland series), which since then operates as part of Xbox Game Studios. A lot of people were worried that this would have a negative effect on the developer as indies haven't always thrived as a part of larger corporations.

Brian Fargo, founder and boss of InXile Entertainment, however, has spoken about how the acquisition has actually been good for the studio and its team as it has brought more resources to the project. Today, Fargo shared another example of how this has changed the way he works via Twitter:

"I realized today that it has been over 15 years since I've been able to spend 95% of my attention on the creative process. And before 2005 it was another 15 years before that. It's a great luxury."

At the moment, InXile is putting the finishing touches on Wasteland 3 which launches in August for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. As we recently reported, the team has grown a lot since the studio was acquired and today the studio has at least 100 employees. This likely means that the planning and pre-production of the studio's next title has already started.

Wasteland 3

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