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Hitman 3

IO Interactive shares roadmap for Hitman 3's Season of Greed

The season will last until May 9.

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A couple of weeks ago, IO Interactive shared the first look at Hitman 3 post launch plans, and revealed that it would take the form of seven seasons of content that align with the Seven Deadly Sins. The first was revealed to be Season of Greed, and the Danish developer said that a roadmap for the season would be coming soon. Well, now it's here.

Season of Greed that started on March 30 and will last until May 9, will feature a whole host of new activities including The Collector Elusive Target, available today (April 9) until April 19. There will also be a second Elusive Target, The Politician, who will be available to hunt between April 23 and May 3.

This season will also bring an Escalation on April 29, called The Jinzhen Incident, as well as two featured contracts for Two Angry Gamers and Achievement Hunter on April 15 and May 6, respectively.

The Berlin Egg Hunt seasonal event will also be available for a few more days (until April 12 to be exact), so make sure to check that out before it leaves. Likewise, if you haven't already, be sure to catch the Season of Greed trailer below.

Hitman 3

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