Hitman 3

IO Interactive shows off Hitman 3 roadmap for March

Get ready to go on an Easter Egg hunt with Agent 47.

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The next month of content for IO Interactive's stealth title Hitman 3 has been revealed by the developer, and this month we can look forward to hunting for eggs in Berlin, a bunch of featured contracts, and we even have a date for when the next game update will land.

The Lesley Celebration Escalation mission is already in the game, as it launched yesterday, March 4, but the next event to look forward to is the Easy Allies featured contracts in the Chongqing level. Shortly following this The Stowaway, Isle of Sgàil elusive target available between March 19-29, and after that is another featured contracts for Eurogamer, this time set in the Mendoza level and taking place on March 25.

March 30 is the busiest day of the month for Hitman 3, as the game will be bringing the next game update, The Satu Mare Delirium deluxe escalation, and even the Berlin Egg Hunt seasonal event to celebrate Easter.

You can check out the full roadmap in the video below.

Hitman 3

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