Halo 2

Is a Halo 2 announcement on the way?

Spencer hints that Anniversary reveal is being held back.

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Last week a leak revealed that Halo 2 was in the works and would likely be launching at the end of the year. While it hasn't been officially confirmed, Microsoft's Phil Spencer has certainly come close to doing so in a conversation with a fan on Twitter.

When asked if Halo 2 Anniversary was a reality, and told that even an angry response would be enough, Spencer said: "Never get tired of questions on what's coming. Just can't always answer as we need news at events. Halo 2 is a good game..."

While that statement is nothing conclusive, it does suggest that more news will be forthcoming at the next major event. Whether that means GDC, or perhaps even something beyond that, remains to be seen. For more details on the potential HD update of Master Chief's second outing, head this way.

Halo 2
Master Chief hanging out with some ODST in the original Halo 2.

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