Is Blizzard making a Warcraft Go?

The company is still set on mobile games.

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Earlier today we wrote about rumours concerning Diablo 4 based on the comprehensive article written by Jason Schreier. Now it seems like that article might have hidden more gems.

It seems like Blizzard, despite the lukewarm (if we're putting it nicely) response Diablo Immortal got, is still a big fan of mobile games and are set on making more.

"There are lots of mobile game players at Blizzard," one source said. "There are lots of people actually excited about mobile games. The reaction inside the company to Immortal is very different than the reaction outside the company."

Rumours have it that an "incubation department" at the studio is working on a Warcraft-version of Pokémon Go, but that it will have "a lot more to it" than other Go games, and will probably feature single-player elements. A lot of the Blizzard developers, including World of Warcraft lead designer Cory Stockton, are huge Pokémon Go fans and play it competitively every day. The big orc statue outside the studio is also a Poké Gym, which is heavily contested.

Could a Warcraft Go be good? What do you think?

Is Blizzard making a Warcraft Go?

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