Is Elex 2 already in the works?

There's some evidence that points to it being that way.

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Game development isn't always a walk in the park, and in fact it's a tough business with high costs. Developing a game is even expensive enough to get government funding in parts of Europe and different countries around the world, and one of the EU's financiers is Creative Europe Media, which is spending EU budget on digital media. This company has chosen a German game called Elex 2, among many others, to receive an investment of the amount of €150,000 (which equates to roughly £136,000). So what is Elex 2?

Well, it could be the successor of the open world RPG Elex we previewed a couple of months ago. The original action game is scheduled to launch on October 10, and if this is true it would seem like the developer Piranha Bytes has plenty of confidence in their first instalment of the franchise.

To further prove the connection between the upcoming Elex and Elex 2, German gaming website GamesWirtschaft found evidence that the beneficiary and the holding company of Piranha Bytes are tied together. In fact, the mailing address and both directors of the company are identical. So what do you think?


Thanks, GamesWirtschaft.

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