Is Kojima featured in the Metal Gear Solid movie?

Hideo Kojima will either play himself or have a referential character for fanservice in the film.

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During our exclusive interview with Jordan Vogt-Roberts as part of our Gamelab Live coverage, the Metal Gear Solid movie director talked deeply and at length about his personal relationship with Hideo Kojima. This included all things he's been sharing with the Japanese game creator about the film, or how Kojima-san believes Vogt-Roberts is "the only person who could and should direct a Metal Gear Solid movie" while respecting his filmmaker role at all times. But, when picturing how would the project be if Kojima were officially involved, Vogt-Roberts unveiled a very fan-servant easter egg:

"Believe me though, he... (laughs). There's a character that I have in the movie that basically would be [Kojima-san]," the director reveals after describing their relationship. "And the way that it's handled is like in a meaningful way. It's a quick thing, but it thematically represents something that I think would be sort of shocking to people but also in line with something that Kojima-san would do. Whether that actually ends up being Kojima-san or not, the sentiment of the character is there. But it's super important to me that he - I would love to have him as involved as I could, you know, there's obviously certain legalities and issues with Konami and his relationship, and I need to respect that. And I think Kojima-san also, as much as he is involved, would want to be involved, also wants to respect me as the director."

Kojima Productions' own Death Stranding is full of cameos from both the video game and movie industries. How do you think this referential character will be in the MGS film? Leave your comment below.

Is Kojima featured in the Metal Gear Solid movie?Is Kojima featured in the Metal Gear Solid movie?

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