No One Lives Forever

Is No One Lives Forever coming to GOG?

Hints are being dropped like they're hot.

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Danny O'Dwyer and the gang behind NoClip have made a new documentary about how GOG brings old games back to life, and one of the games that makes an appearance in the show is none other than beloved spy game No One Lives Forever. Here's the tweet they posted:

"For @GOGcom - each game has it's own story. Some games go through years of negations before they are reborn. Games like No One Lives Forever and Homeworld Cataclysm... "

In the video they mention that they talked about No One Lives Forever just a week ago, and it seems like they might be hard at work securing the rights for the game, if they can figure out who owns them.

When a hopeful fan asked GOG and NoClip if this meant that the game was coming to the service, Stephen Kick, the CEO of Night Dive Studio, answered with a winky face ;)

Now, this is interesting because Night Dive Studios has previously secured the rights to, and overhauled the System Shock games. This doesn't necessarily have to mean anything, but it's interesting nonetheless, and we'll be keeping an eye on the situation.

No One Lives Forever

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