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Is the new PS4 update causing trouble?

Several players have reported problems after installing version 7.50.

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This week Sony released a new PS4 update, version 7.50, which in the official note only mentions that it improves overall performance. Here at the Gamereactor office we've already updated the old PS4 Pro, and so far, we've not encountered any problems, but it seems that this is not what is happening with a few other players.

As reported by VG247, Reddit is full of complaints from players, as some indicate that the console won't even boot properly after the update. Others report that the console turns on, but then turns off without player interaction, and there are even those who have encountered error "SU-42118-6", which is associated with the Blu-Ray player.

As we mentioned, we didn't find any problems with our PS4 Pro, so we don't know if it's something that affects the regular PS4 or the Slim with greater impact, or if we were just lucky. None of the Twitter accounts associated with PlayStation mentioned the problem at the time of publishing this news, but we will keep tabs on this matter.

Is the new PS4 update causing trouble?

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