Is this the biggest phone you can fit into a Razer Kishi controller?

We try out a luxury combination to stream Game Pass titles from the cloud (in beta), with no Xbox console in between.

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When we reviewed the fancy and useful Razer Kishi for iPhone, we kind of missed the chance to freely choose from a greater Xbox Game Pass catalogue on the go, which adds a lot more sense to Razer's mobile controller. Now, Cloud Gaming will eventually arrive on iOS, as stated by Xbox's Phil Spencer to Gamereactor, but in the meantime the only way to enjoy Game Pass on an Apple device is via Remote Play. But then you have Android.

In the video below, we hook the massive, shiny Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G into a Razer Kishi - Xbox Launch Edition Game Pass. It's a bit crazy as it seems a bit too tight, but it actually fits, and that provides us with some amazing screen quality:

Screen quality is what matters the most here if you're to use a high-end smartphone such as Samsung's, for processing capability contrary to phone-executed games, is taken care by Microsoft's Azure servers remotely. As of today, there are more than 100 titles that any Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber can play on any Android device, even if the service is still in the beta stage.

In the video above we scribble something with the pen, open the Xbox Game Pass app, and run three games, specifically Bloodstained, Doom Eternal, and Forza Horizon 4, which play great on a mobile device as long as you own a controller (there are other touch-enabled games in the catalogue, in case you didn't know). We've left all the process uncut so that you can see load times, etc. Too bad you cannot connect wired earphones to the Kishi to enjoy the amazing music of the three games (you can always go wireless)!

Another interesting feature found on the latest Galaxy Note, as well as on many recent devices, is that it supports 5G connectivity, which can cut (down)load times and latency to a minimum. We couldn't test the 5G functionality in our area (and admittedly our Wi-Fi was a bit naughty that day, hence the artifacts and warning signals), but we were impressed by xCloud the performance even during the preview phase, so we're really looking forward to enjoying Xbox Cloud Gaming on the go once 5G is more widespread.

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