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It takes 100 hours to reach the seasonal Destiny 2 transmog cap on one character

Reddit did the math, and it is rather alarming.

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Season of the Splicer for Destiny 2 launched last week, bringing a whole range of new content and a Destiny-first transmog system, Armor Synthesis. The system itself is a little confusing and incredibly grindy and it turns out you're going to need to sink in some serious hours to be able to reach the seasonal cap for the new Ornament system.

Redditor, alonie-homie has discovered that to unlock Synthstrands, the first part of the Ornament creating process, it is actually dependant on time and not kills, meaning instead of just netting 150 kills to earn enough Synthstands to move to the next step, you actually have to wait around two minutes to be eligible for another drop. This means that it will take approximately 300 minutes to earn the 150 needed to get a bounty to unlock Synthcord - the next stage of the process.

To move from the Synthcord to the Synthweave (the item needed to craft an Ornament and actually begin transmogging stuff), Guardians have to complete a variety of tasks that are of multiple challenge and length. Because of this, another Redditor, I3igB has done some more math and come to the conclusion that it would take approximately 53 hours of playtime to reach the seasonal cap of 10 Ornaments for a character, and considering there are 20 available per character for this season, that means over a 100 hours for one character, 300+ for all three Guardian classes - which is just absolutely ridiculous since the transmog system simply allows you to customise your Guardian with previously unlocked gear.

Of course, if all that is too much, Bungie has graciously provided the option to unlock five Ornaments from the Eververse store, for the price of 1000 Silver, which is £8.49 in real money.

Hopefully the system will begin seeing some changes to how it runs sooner or later, because right now it sure doesn't seem to be all that fair to the Destiny 2 community.

Destiny 2

Thanks, PCGamer.

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