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January was Sea of Thieves biggest month yet in terms of monthly active users

Jon Neate, executive producer for the title updated us in the latest Sea of Thieves News.

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Recently, Rare published another Sea of Thieves News video, where several members of the development team chatted about a variety of different features coming to the title and achievements that the game has reached over the last few weeks. For this episode, Sea of Thieves executive producer Jon Neate spent a while updating us on how the game has been doing recently and from what he has stated, the title seems to be doing great.

"January has been our biggest month yet in terms of monthly active users," said Neate, before stating further along, "We also saw our highest concurrent users since the launch period, which was in March 2018, when we hit our original peak."

Neate then talked about the future of the game, saying, "I definitely think this year is going to be our biggest one yet, and seasons is really just the start of that, but there's a lot more to come through the year."

He also mentioned during the video that Rare is really going to be ramping up what they can do with live events as they go through the year, so be sure to keep an eye out for them down the line.

According to Neate, Rare itself is also "the biggest it's ever been," and has several teams working on different seasons for the live game. Hopefully this does mean that we get a broad variety of content pouring out over the year.

For more Sea of Thieves news, the first quality of life update for Season One went live on Thursday, bringing a whole range of accessibility features and handy updates to the Steam version, to make the game better than ever before.

You can check out the latest Sea of Thieves News video produced by Rare below.

Sea of Thieves

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