JcStani has now left Andbox

It appears to have stemmed from "creative differences."

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It has been revealed that Noah "jcStani" Smith is now a free agent and will no longer be playing for Andbox's Valorant squad. The American player had only been with the team for three months and his departure follows after they failed to qualify for the NA VCT Stage Three: Challengers Playoffs. The 20-year-old noted in a statement afterward that there were "some creative differences" and that "this parting is for the best."

The statement from JcStani reads: "My time with Andbox was brief but I appreciate the opportunity and the support provided by the organization. There were some creative differences over the last couple months in how we wanted to approach things and this parting is for the best. Before selecting a team in June, I really believed in the potential of this ABX squad and thought it was my best opportunity to win at the time. I still think that our roster had some insane talent and I have no regrets with how I picked my team."

We wish JcStani the best in whatever he decides to do next moving forward.


Thanks, Dot Esports.

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