Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Jenova and Red XIII star in new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer

Listen to Hollow, Nobuo Uematsu's new song in the latest trailer to land for the ambitious FFVII Remake.

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As today marks the 23rd anniversary of the release of the original PSX game in 1997, Square Enix has just released a new Japanese trailer for Final Fantasy VII: Remake. The music video, which you can see below, officially unveils Jenova and Red XIII:

We knew about Red XIII after a leak earlier this month, but now both characters can be seen in action. In fact, Jenova combat is brand-new to the Remake, as it didn't happen in the original game.

The video clip is full of detail for fans to pore over, all to the sounds of composer Nobuo Uematsu's new track: Hollow. There are just two months left to go before the Remake releases, after the much-anticipated reboot was delayed to April 10.

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