Supremacy MMA

Jens Pulver in Supremacy MMA

Former UFC champ in 505 title

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505 Games and Kung Fu Factory have announced that former UFC lightweight champion and pioneer of mixed martial arts Jens Pulver will appear in the game. Jens Pulver who has come on harder times since he won the belt in a fight against Caol Uno in 2001 and owns wins over BJ Penn, Joe Stevenson and Dennis Hallman in a career that spans well over a decade. Jens Pulver will represent Supremacy MMA inside the cage in upcoming fights as well starting with his comeback fight on January 22 in Chicago after his WEC release last year.

"Supremacy MMA is as much about telling the fighter's story as it is about delivering blistering-fast gameplay that's as brutal as the real thing, so we knew we had to get Jens for our game," said Ian Howe, president of 505 Games. "His climb through the ranks of the underground into the pro spotlight and his willingness to continue to fight regardless of what title he bears exemplifies the fighter's heart that Supremacy MMA portrays."

"After spending years working on MMA and fighting titles ranging from the original UFC game for Dreamcast to UFC Undisputed 2009, Supremacy MMA is definitely the game the team has always wanted to make and Kung Fu Factory is beyond excited to have Jens be a part of it," said Ricci Rukavina, co-founder and executive producer, Kung Fu Factory. "Because we've shaped our own underground world, we're able to have total creative freedom. We're excited to go beyond the television screen to tell stories like Jens - real fighters, who have made a difference in the sport, peoples lives and beyond.

Supremacy MMA is being planned for release this summer and is a welcome addition to a budding genre dominated by THQ's UFC Undisupted series and complemented by EA Sports MMA.

Supremacy MMA

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