Joe Danger Touch

Joe Danger Touch

Joe Danger makes the leap from console to the AppStore. Is it as much fun on your iPad as it was on PS3 and Xbox 360?

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I have a theory about iPad games. The later I realise that I need to snap screenshots of them, the better they are. After a couple of hours of Joe Danger Touch I haven't snapped a single picture. Nothing was allowed to spoil the fun. It's a good thing I'm just as happy to go back for another round to get the screenshots.

Joe Danger Touch is anything but a simple port of the games we've downloaded on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. This game has been built from the scratch with touch controls in mind. Much like Ubisoft made something spectacular with Rayman in Rayman: Jungle Run, Hello Games realised that their game couldn't just be ported over from console. Instead Joe accelerates on his own and by touching the screen you control his jumps, tricks, ducking, and lane changes.

The first couple of Joe Danger titles were instant fan favourites on console providing players with easy to pick up, difficult to master stunt man levels. In the first game Joe kept to his bike, while the second game Joe Danger: The Movie added in more vehicles and variation.

Joe Danger Touch

New elements are introduced at a steady pace throughout, and before you know it you're ducking in tunnels, hovering above fans and disarming traps along the colourful tracks. In addition to this you're supposed to touch special bonus items and time your jumps to collect as many gold coins as possible.

It's pure bliss to speed through the levels and cross the finishing line under a smiling sun and to the tune of cheery music. But much like in the two previous Joe Danger titles there is an addictive component hidden underneath the bright and colourful atmosphere - you're chasing the perfect run - and that's a real challenge in the more difficult levels. You're going to have to really focus completely on the action, time your jumps to perfection and avoid distractions such as the mud the squirts on to the screen.

Joe Danger Touch

There is a nice element of variation with different suits required in certain levels. The Man vs Food level, is one example of this, and it can only be played with the Elvis look-a-like "The King", and there are more humorous characters/suits to put on such as Mr. Sprinkleman, Santa Danger, and Chipmanzombie. The latter haunts me as I go to sleep at night.

If there are any complaints to be had it's that the constant touching sometimes obstructs your vision, but that's only a minor concern. Another issue are the fans that Joe can hover above. They break up the tempo, and feel out of place in a racing game and controlling Joe is far from intuitive during these sections.

Slight annoyances in what is otherwise a sure cure for the blues. At just a couple of quid I can wholeheartedly recommend Joe Danger Touch to newcomers and longtime fans of the series as it manages to balance accessibility with surprising depth.

Joe Danger Touch
Joe Danger Touch
Joe Danger Touch
Joe Danger Touch
Joe Danger Touch
Joe Danger Touch
Joe Danger Touch
08 Gamereactor UK
8 / 10
+ Presentation full of charm. + Levels full of pace. + Addictive. + Lots of variation. + Well adjusted to the platform.
- Silly fans. - At times the vision is obstructed by your hands.
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"I can wholeheartedly recommend Joe Danger Touch to newcomers and longtime fans of the series."

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